Model Airplane Club, California, USA
Model Airplane Club, California, USA


GASPARIN ( CO2 model motors )
            Made in the Czech Republic

The Gasparin engines we offer are manufactured by Stephen Gasparin in his own shop.  These are not the same as the G-MOT CO2 engines, which are made in larger quantities, by a different manufacturer. Both Gasparin’s and G-MOT CO2 engines are made in the Czech Republic. We have engines of both manufactures in stock. All tube connections are soldered. All are very high quality.

Stefan Gasparin’s G10TWIN 
All ours are the new, more powerfull design.
$200.00 each
ALL SOLD - 2-23-14
Stefan Gasparin’s G24 
$150.00 each
This is the best choice for peanut size airplanes.
IN STOCK - 20 LEFT 1-31-14
New style - with parts kit.
Stefan Gasparin’s G28 
$200.00 each
This is the smallest of Stefan's new long stroke design. Much more power than the G-24. 0.5 grams more weight.
20 IN STOCK, 1-31-14
Stefan Gasparin’s G28RV 
$250.00 each
This is the smallest of Stefan's new long stroke design. Much more power than the G-24. 0.5 grams more weight. With speed controll.
5 LEFT, 1-31-14
Stefan Gasparin’s G28BBRV 
These have speed control, and ball bearings on the crankshaft.
$220.00 each  4 LEFT, 1-31-14
IN STOCK - GASPARIN G28BBRV characteristics
Stefan Gasparin’s G24TWIN 
$300.00 each
IN STOCK 1 LEFT 1-31-14
Stefan Gasparin’s G28TWIN 
$250.00 each
As the G-28, the new long stroke design. Lots more power than the G-24 TWIN.
IN STOCK 6 LEFT 1-31-14
Stefan Gasparin’s G28TRV 
$250.00 each
One cylinder has speed adjustment, for small R.C.
IN STOCK 12 LEFT 1-31-14
Stefan Gasparin’s GMW73 
$400.00 each ONLY ONE LEFT
This is the first of Stefan's new long stroke design and best choice for models to 36” wing span, and also suitable for FAI competition in F1K. The crankshaft runs in ball bearings.
IN STOCK - GASPARIN GMW-73 characteristics
Stefan Gasparin’s GMW73TWIN 
$450.00 each 38 LEFT, 1-31-14
Another of Stefan's new long stroke design, with a very clever two tank set up for long duration.
This motor will handle lightweight free flight models to 54” span.
IN STOCK - GASPARIN GMW-73 TWIN characteristics
Stefan Gasparin’s GMW73TRV 
This is the GMW73T with speed control
$500.00 each 51 LEFT, 1-31-14
Speed control is by pressure adjustment. A truly remarkable device, and a superb engine for R.C.
Stefan Gasparin’s new G160RV 
$500.00 each
Another of the new long stroke design. Speed control is done by manual adjustment of a knob on top of the cylinder head.
They fly a 30" 2 channel R.C., weighing 7 oz total, with acrobatics.
6 IN STOCK- GASPARIN G160RV characteristics

Stefan Gasparin’s GM120TRV 
$500.00 each
This uses the parts from the GMOT 120 TWIN, but is fitted and assembled by STEFAN.
This engine has two JUST LIKE THE GMW73TRV. To look at this GM120TRV go to the "Throttle - The GRV73U" section of this website in the first section, Gasparin CO2 Engines.
3 LEFT, 1-31-14

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